[Science] work photovoltaic energy (solar cells) (japan import)


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Go green and learn about clean, alternative energy with Artec's Solar Cell - Photoelectric Cell. Artec's Solar Cell is a clean energy source that converts light into electric power without relying on chemical reactions. Light is absorbed into this Solar Cell by semiconductors inside the panels, electrons are emitted, and power is generated. Artec's Solar Photoelectric Cell is made of multicrystalline silicone. Learn about solar energy with a hands-on approach with Artec!

Technical Notes:

Max Power- 1.7 volts
Max Output- 0.57 watts
Operating Current- 400 milliAmps
Operating Voltage- 1.44 volts
Open Circuit Voltage- 1.7 volts
Short Circuit Current- 415 milliAmps

Artec's line of science educational supplies for classrooms are a great source for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and curriculum development for elementary, middle, and high schools.


  • Solar Cell - Photoelectric Cell by Artec
  • Learn about going green and solar energy
  • Converts light into electric power
  • Made of multicrystalline silicon


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